Wine Opinions Vary, and That’s a Very Good Thing

Wine lovers come in many varieties, just like wine. Some people are eclectic, and like to dabble. Others know exactly what they like, and eschew a great deal of the wine available to concentrate on their favorites. Which type of wine drinker are you?

I like a broad range of wine styles and colors, and would be hard-pressed to name a wine I didn’t like or wouldn’t drink. On the other hand, I have friends who definitely prefer one varietal over others. For instance, I get together with about a dozen wine people over the course of a month, for various tastings or dinners. Out of these 12 individuals, only one—besides me—shows an interest in the wines of Beaujolais. Each time Beaujolais and other wines made from the gamay grape are nominated as theme for the next occasion, there is a resounding “no.” We always try to probe for “why” from the naysayers, but the only response we hear is “I just don’t like it.”

Wines are as unique as any other personal preference. So, it’s not surprising that opinions vary. In fact, you’ll seldom get unanimity about how well a particular wine is liked by those in the room. For one, it’s too dry in the mouth; for another, it’s too oaky in aroma or flavor. One wine drinker loves buttery chardonnays, while another hates that particular profile. When you think about it, it’s amazing we’re able to get any kind of consensus at all.

It’s said that wine brings people together. If true, how does something we appear to be so divisive about transcend that gap to bring us together? The answer is simple. It elicits conversation among us. Will this conversation solve the world’s problems? Probably not since we can’t even agree on the “wine of the night.” But, at least we’re talking to each other. And in this digital age, anything that encourages us to put down the smart phones and talk is something of an accomplishment in itself.

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