Two New Useful Wine Apps

Here are a couple of very useful new wine apps, and one of them is free.

Since its recent introduction, this application has caught the imagination of many who feel bewildered when handed a restaurant wine list. Now uninformed and intimidated diners no longer have to choose the cheapest wine on the list, or the one whose name is easiest to pronounce.

They merely take a photo of the bar or restaurant’s wine menu with their iPhone camera so WineGlass can scan it using optical character recognition. Using the popular Cellar Tracker database containing more than 4 million tasting notes, the app pulls up individual wines, revealing tasting notes, reviews, food pairings, and expected prices. This helpful dining companion was developed by Facebook veteran Roddy Lindsay and is said to work on most wine menus.

WineGlass for iOS is available for $4.99 from Apple iTunes.

This interactive application allows users to rate wines and expand their wine-tasting abilities through a five-step (Eye, Nose, Mouth, Finish, Opinion) interactive process. Useful for both wine enthusiasts and novices, it captures the users input and at the end of the review, the wine’s quality and character are captured in a colorful, bloom-like image, each petal reflecting one of the five aspects of the wine. Each bloom rating is unique, and incorporates a numerical score based on the popular 100-point rating system.

Wine experts, scientists and PhDs in food science used sensory evaluation and statistics to develop the app in order to make wine-buying decisions easier and less intimidating.

Users of Quini can share wine reviews with others through social media and email, and can use the integrated Places function to locate nearby wine stores, restaurants, and wineries.

Quini is now available free for the iPhone and iPad through the Apple App Store. A web-based version for desktop and laptop computers is also live at

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