The World of Wine Blogs

The organizers of the annual Wine Bloggers Conference have compiled an exhaustive list of wine blogs, but blogs come and go, so it’s a challenge to include everyone on the list. In March 2013, reported 1,423 blogs with nearly half in the Citizens Blogs of North America category and fewer in the Citizen Blogs throughout the rest of the world, Press Blogs, and Industry Blogs categories.

Some Citizen Blogs stand out for their excellence in writing and in-depth reporting, and have developed a loyal consumer following, while many others have suspect expertise and accuracy. This has led to the suggestion that wine writers be certified.

Tom Wark, who writes his own popular blog, Fermentation: The Daily Wine Blog at created the American Wine Blog Awards in 2007 to bring attention to the best. The general public nominates the blogs and a panel of judges for each category selects the finalists. Awards are then given based on a combination of judges’ opinions and a public vote. Winners are presented each year at the Wine Bloggers Conference, and are listed on its website.

The 2013 winners include:

Other wine blogs that I can recommend:

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