Orange County is Home to the Nation’s Most Residential Wine Features

Did you know there are more wine-related features in Orange County homes than in homes anywhere else in the nation? So says an analysis done by the real estate website,, and published Jan. 30 in the Wall Street Journal article, “Homes Where Wine Flows.”

The analysis searched for 10 wine-related features, such as wine rooms or cellars, in 2014 for-sale home listings. About 2.4 percent of the homes listed contained these features.

California cities topped the list, with San Francisco (2.26 percent), Ventura County (1.79 percent), Los Angeles and San Jose—all in the top 10. New York City placed 15th and Cincinnati was last at 0.20 percent.

Direct to Consumer wine shipments from U.S. wineries also hit all-time highs in value and volume in 2014, according to the 2015 Direct to Consumer Wine Shipping Report created by ShipCompliant and “Wines & Vines.” The value of these shipments surpassed $1.8 billion, more than 15 percent above the 2013 total.

California was one of five states responsible for 60 percent of DtC wine shipments in 2014, in part due to the lack of wine-shipping restrictions on Californians. It’s not surprising that the state’s wine lovers—in Orange County in particular—would need a dedicated place in their homes to store their cache.

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