New Wine Shipping Idea: 46Brix

Some wine producers do not have or use retail channels, preferring to sell directly to consumers. When ordering wine from these sources, the cost of shipping becomes a very important issue. Some wineries provide “free shipping.” Others charge by weight or number of bottles. Still others use a fulfillment company, and just add their service cost to your order. I usually tailor my wine orders to fit the best shipping prices for my needs. Where shipping prices are extravagant, I cut back on the number of bottles I order.

Given the quantity of producers, there are a number of variables. So, how would you like to pay just one annual fee to get “free shipping” from any of several wineries? Sound good? Well, my recent email from Copain Winery in Sonoma County announced participation in a shipping program called “46Brix.” For a $79 annual membership fee, your shipping is included on all purchases of two bottles or more, from any of the wineries participating in the 46Brix program.

Current participants include:

  • Inman Family Wines
  • Lamborn Family Wines
  • Sullivan Estate
  • Cornerstone Cellars
  • Parducci
  • Moniker Wine Estates
  • Paul Dolan Vineyards
  • Renteria Wines
  • Newsome Harlow
  • Canyon Wind Cellars
  • Uncorked Ventures
  • Fulcrum Wines
  • Copain Wines
  • Barra of Mendocino
  • Girasole Vineyards
  • Andis Wines
  • HammerSky Vineyards
  • Naked Winery
  • Naked Winery South Dakota
  • Bella Luna Estate Winery
  • Jamieson Ranch
  • Vinemark Cellars
  • Cairdean Vineyards
  • Z’ivo Wines
  • Castoro Cellars

If you currently order wine from some of these wineries, it might behoove you to add up what you’ve spent per year on shipping, and see if you can improve those numbers. After all, the more you save on shipping, the more you can spend on wine! For more information:

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