Must-Try Wine of Week: 2012 Domaine Jousset Exilé Pétillant Naturale Rosé

Loire Valley natives Lisa and Bertrand Jousset are members of the vanguard of young wine producers in France who left established careers to start wineries. They did so in 2004, and are located in Touraine on the left bank of the Loire River opposite the town of Vouvray.

The couple acquired a run-down estate that had great potential, with 26 acres of old vines averaging 60 years of age. The vineyards are planted to primarily chenin blanc, with smaller amounts of cabernet franc, gamay, grolleau, and chardonnay. Bertrand manages the grape farming, which is strictly organic, and Lisa is the winemaker.

This Pet-Nat wine is made from purchased cabernet franc grapes that are also farmed organically. Pet-Nat is short for petillant naturale, meaning it’s a natural sparkling wine produced with little or no additives.

A cascade of inviting fine bubbles and a moderately dark-pink salmon color set the stage for aromas and flavors of raspberries, strawberries, roses, and a hint of citrus. An easy quaff that is bright, crisp, and refreshing.

Enjoy this unpretentious wine on your patio, chilled, as an aperitif, or take it with you on a summer picnic Since it’s sealed with a bottle cap, no corkscrew required.

Domaine Jousset Exilé Pétillant Naturale Rosé is available at Hi-Time Wine Cellars in Costa Mesa ($17).

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