Must-Try Wine of Week: NV Kitchen Sink California Reserve White Table Wine

This label from Sonoma Estate Vintners (formerly Adler Fels Winery) refers to embracing a “kitchen sink” approach to crafting blends from a diverse selection of California vineyards and varietals. Both a red and white blend are available in a regular and more satisfying reserve bottling, meant to be fruity, lively, and easily approachable.

This wine’s composition of varietals includes viognier (4 percent), moscato (25 percent), symphony (12 percent), semillon (10 percent), and sauvignon blanc (10 percent). The grapes undergo an extended, cool fermentation in stainless steel, preserving bright aromatics and freshness.

With 12.9 percent alcohol and moderately high acidity, this wine is easy to cozy up to and light on its feet. The aromas of pear, citrus, mango, and honey are embracing. The delicate citrus, tropical fruit, and lychee flavors are crisp and refreshing.

Serve this wine chilled as an aperitif, or an accompaniment to Dungeness crab cakes, fettuccine Alfredo, and moderately spicy Asian and Indian foods.

The wine is remarkably inexpensive at $12 a bottle, and available at all Total Wine & More stores in Orange County.


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