Must Try Wine of the Week: Bedrock 2010 Cuvée Karatas White Wine, Sonoma County, California

The Bedrock Wine Company is the brainchild of Morgan Twain-Peterson. Growing up at his father’s (Joel Peterson) Ravenswood Winery, Morgan was exposed to all facets of wine making. At the tender age of 5, in fact, he began making small lots of pinot noir with fruit the local Sangiacomo family gave him.

Today, he continues to push the envelope with his fascination for “old-vine” vineyards (considered to be more than 60 years of age). The Cuvée Karatas white wine is a blend of 60 percent 120-year-old semillion from the Monte Rosso Vineyard high above Sonoma Valley, and 40 percent sauvignon musque (a sauvignon blanc clone with exotic aromas usually found in traditional Bordeaux blends) from the Kick Ranch Vineyard on the Sonoma side of Spring Mountain.

The exotic aromas of fig-meets-citrus really play well in this wine, and one could easily mistake the profuse scent for chardonnay. But once in the mouth, you sense the wine has a little more edge on the palate, balanced with smooth and lush flavors that fill your mouth. The wine gets quite juicy from mid-palate onward, leading to a delicious, crisp aftertaste. It pairs nicely with most chicken or fish dishes, and is an excellent complement to lobster or crab. At Wine Exchange, and Hi-Time Cellars, for $30.

Incidentally, if you run into any previous vintages of this wine, you’ll notice the name of the cuvée was spelled differently. This was changed to remove any confusion with John Raytek’s Ceritas wines.

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