Just Say No! to Wine?

How to know when enough is enough

If you collect wine, or buy more of it than you regularly drink, there will come a point when you’ll probably say to yourself, “Enough is enough, I’ve got plenty and don’t need to buy more.” It happens when you realize the staggering number of bottles in your possession. Or, when you finally comprehend that you’ll never live long enough to drink all that you have. Only after you admit this to yourself can you begin to take the necessary steps to stop the madness.

Start by learning to say no to all the email offers, the internet offers, even the snail mail offers. You’ll also need to stop visiting the wine store with any frequency, because there’s way too much temptation in those aisles. Also, don’t strike up conversations with other wine people to see what they’re buying, or ask what they think of the latest vintage of Bordeaux. And, for heaven’s sake, don’t read any more wine magazines. Slick advertising with poetic descriptions of wines with big scores—and those lurid photos of wine bottles!—are you crazy? You don’t need the taunting. It’s mind over matter. If you’ve made up your mind to stop the buying frenzy, you can do it.

As with most hobbies or habits, quitting cold turkey is difficult. I should know. I’ve called a halt to my wine-buying dozens of times. So, if you think this blog is all about me helping you quit, forget about it. You’re on your own. Besides, I’m an enabler. What I really want to tell you is “Why make promises you can’t keep?” Go ahead if you must, visit the wine store this evening. You owe it to yourself.

Tomorrow’s another day.

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