Global Champagne Day on Friday

The fifth annual Champagne Day is a global celebration of all things related to this unique product of Champagne, France. Originally created by wine bloggers to recognize and appreciate the bubbly and now organized by Champagne Bureau, USA, the 24-hour celebration brings millions of wine lovers together.

So consider it a good time to organize a Champagne tasting, or join friends and other wine lovers for toasts and festivities at bars, retailers, and restaurants in Orange County. Share your photos, tasting notes, experiences, and videos on any social media site, and add the #ChampagneDay hash tag so your friends can share in the fun. This year, for the first time, show your #ChampagneDay support via Facebook and Twitter with Thunderclap! Visit to send an eCard to friends and family.

If you’re feeling flush and want to taste bubbly in all its glory, I recommend The Studio restaurant at The Montage in Laguna Beach. The wine list boasts 18 Champagnes by the half bottle and a mind-boggling 140 by the bottle. Just thinking about it gives me a Champagne high. If your budget is a bit more modest, look to the Wine Exchange in Orange, where Veuve Clicquot is on special for $40.

Want to drop a few Champagne facts when out toasting with friends? These will impress:

  • Champagne was discovered by the British, not the French. Sparkling wine appeared in England by the 1660s, decades before it was sold in France.
  • Dom Pierre Perignon did not invent Champagne.
  • The older a Champagne is, the smaller the bubbles become.
  • The bubbles in Champagne do not affect taste.
  • There are an estimated 49 million bubbles in one 750 milliliter bottle of Champagne, and many cite the number in a glass as 15 million.
  • The Widow Clicquot (Veuve Clicquot-Ponsardin) discovered remuage, a system of clearing Champagne yeast debris trapped in the bottle after secondary fermentation by riddling.

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