Gallo Wine Trends Survey

E & J. Gallo Winery commissioned the 2014 Gallo Consumer Wine Trends Survey that looked at the drinking habits of more than 1,000 U.S. wine-drinking adults ages 25 to 64. Here is what the study found:

The younger drinkers (25 to 40) preferred sweet wines like Moscato and various sparkling wines. Nearly half of them buy 187 ml wine bottles (half bottles) with some regularity, often for outdoor events.

Younger drinkers also are increasingly bringing wine online, engaging social media and posting photos. Sixty-six percent mix wine with fruit or fruit juice, 51 percent make a cocktail with wine, 49 percent mix wine with other cocktail mixers like club soda, 46 percent drink wine over ice, and 27 percent occasionally even drink wine in a cup with a straw.

Taste determines the wine preferences of 76 percent of drinkers, although nearly 66 percent select a wine for its label, particularly younger wine drinkers, who are also more likely to buy wines with screw tops.

Fifty-eight percent of wine drinkers have purchased boxed wine. And 29 percent have a glass of wine before dinner on weekdays, while 45 percent do so on weekends.

The top three activities that accompany wine drinking are eating a meal at home with family, relaxing indoors, and watching television.

Visit Gallo for more information on E. & J. Gallo wines. The 2014 Gallo Consumer Wine Trends Survey is available at Gallo Wine Trends.


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