Free Wine Search Websites

Have you ever tasted a wine at a friend’s house or a restaurant and want to get your hands on more of it? It’s frequently offered on a winery’s website store, but it’s sometimes sold out or they’ve moved on to a more recent vintage. Or, perhaps you’ve visited a winery and want to know if a store near your home offers one of its wines. To track down a bottle in these cases, use one of the following free online wine search engines.


This website allows you to locate and price wines across many online wine stores. In addition, if a particular wine is not available, the “Best Buys Wine Finder” uses wine scores and average prices to help you find top-value wines in your preferred style. It’s also a free online encyclopedia of wine data including label information and merchant terminology. A listing of many major wine competitions and winners are included, as well as wine news and features. An iPhone app is also available.


Search over 1,651,000 wines by price, browse retailers by state, find user reviews of wines, and read “Wine Blogging Wednesday” for interesting posts.

Touted as the world’s most powerful wine search engine, this website comparison shops at 4,200 online wine stores worldwide, and locates the cheapest price. It currently offers 2,384,281 wines. A buying guide reveals the best wines from a region or a grape variety based on price and quality. An iPhone app and browser plug-in are also available.

Wine Zap

Find, price, and compare wines available from 700 U.S. retailers. Simply enter a wine name and vintage, and enter a Zip code for results restricted to your area. Users can browse by region, variety of grape, food pairing, price, and rating. There is also a comprehensive listing of wine shops by area. A browser plug-in is available.

Wine Access

Search a network of more than 190 retailers for prices, expert ratings, and customer reviews for over 58,000 wines, and find the lowest price in your area. This website is also an online retailer offering some wines for sale, and it has its own club membership with special offers and discounts.

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