Eggs, Milk, and Wine: More Grocery Shoppers Going Home With Wine

A Nielsen study at (Feb. 19), detailed a nationwide wine retailing revolution in supermarkets and stores such as Costco. While shopping for groceries, consumers spent $8.6 billion last year on wine, driven by more wine choices and availability, quantity purchase discounts, and the convenience of one-stop shopping.

This is all the more impressive when you consider that 15 states, including big markets such as New York, prohibit or heavily restrict wine sales in grocery stores.

The study’s 30,000 stores sold 9 percent more wine than in 2010. California was the top state with $1,588,000,000 in sales, almost twice the amount sold in Florida, which is the second largest in sales, followed by Texas, Ohio, and Virginia. The average grocery store sells about 360 different wines in a week.

Dollar sales grew to almost $14.5 billion, 3.6 percent ahead of the last study. Nielsen estimates that most of that growth was due to consumers moving up to more expensive wines.

The Nielsen study also found that consumers spend more overall when they buy wine. The average consumer spends $47 per supermarket trip when wine is not among their purchases. The amount increases to $75 when wine is purchased, though the $28 increase is not due exclusively to the wine.

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