Doctoring Wine with Water and Ice

Get over the guilt!

Wine drinkers feel guilty about pouring water or ice into wine. Even the French do it, but there are several other good reasons to try it.

A good cardio workout can be dehydrating. Mix four parts water to one part white wine for a thirst-quenching tonic. It refreshes because of the wine’s acidity, and tastes more interesting than iced tea or lemonade, particularly if the wine is pretty good. Put the remaining wine in the fridge, and serve it with dinner.

If you’re picnicking at the beach and the white wine you brought is too warm, it will taste too sweet. Add some ice cubes to it. Suppose it’s a sweltering day, you are in the back yard pulling some hamburgers off the grill, but the pinot noir rosé is at room temperature. Slip some ice cubes into it.

If you like fine cabernet sauvignon, but the wine you’re drinking is too imposing and tannic, thin it out with water, titrating the water until it tastes perfect. If the wine cost you a day’s wages, and you cannot bear to impugn its pedigree, use a little sauvignon blanc instead of water.

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