Check Out These Ingenious Wine Devices

Jakob Wagner Baggy Wine Coat The quality of box wines has improved dramatically the last few years, but you still might be reluctant to bring one to a social gathering. With this stylish tote that holds 3 liters of box wine and is the product of one of Scandinavia’s foremost designers, your secret is safe. Remove the bag of wine from the wine’s cardboard box, place it in the Baggy Wine Coat, and close the flexible top. Insert the spigot into the bag and you’re ready to proudly transport it to picnic or party. $63 at Macy’s, or $58 at

Peter Orsig Wine Breather Decanter This carafe has an aerator in the neck. Press the decanter onto the top of an opened bottle and flip it over so that the wine pours through the aerator into the decanter. You can serve the wine from the decanter, or flip it over and pour the aerated wine back into the bottle and serve from the original bottle. $37.49 at

TRIbella aerator This triple-stream aeration device is one of the top 5 product designs on The aeration unit is simply inserted into an opened bottle, and as the wine is poured, the three streams let the wine breathe. The pour is drip-free and so classy that the producers tout it as “aeration made beautiful.” $40 at (see photo)

Kinkajou Bottle Cutter Named for the South American mammal with big teeth, Kinkajou, this simple-to-operate bottle-cutter allows you to turn empty wine bottles into glassware, lamp shades, vases, candle holders, planters, and more. Designed by Patrick Lehoux, the device cuts a perfect score line in about a minute. View the Kinkajou Bottle Cutter and the process at ($50 to $75).

Savino wine preserver Created by Scott Tavenner and financed through, these carafes have a float inside. Once you pour the remaining wine from the bottle into Savino, which has a capacity of 750 ml, the float creates a barrier between the wine and oxygen in the air, keeping the wine fresh for up to a week. A lid provides a seal. The carafes are available in glass (for indoors) and plastic (for outdoors). View the Savino at A set of both glass and plastic carafes is discounted to $39 at

Metrokane Electric Corkscrew Metrokane invented the Rabbit corkscrew and now offers a wireless rechargeable electric model. The cap is used to cut the foil. The cylinder is then placed over the neck of the bottle, and a quite whir indicates that the machine is pulling out the cork. The screw then reverses, releasing the cork. When you know the effort it takes to pull out tight corks, this method makes sense. $50 at


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