A Brief Au Revoir

Editor’s Note: This is the final post for Eric Anderson, one of Orange Coast’s two Wine Dudes, who is also a host on Orange County’s GrapeRadio. He’s graced this space with his considerable wine knowledge for nearly two years, and we will miss his wisdom and humor.


I believe it was Chaucer who coined the phrase, “all good things must come to an end.” It’s safe to say we’ve all come to recognize the reality in that proverb, despite our frequent attempts to keep the good times rolling on. Similarly, I’ve decided that all of the good things I’ve experienced while writing for The Wine Dudes blog here at Orange Coast magazine must also come to an end as well.

The past 20 months of contributing to the blog have been a very rewarding and educational experience for me, as well as great fun. I want to wish all of you readers the very best in life and in wine. Cheers!

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