Best Wine Quotes of 2014

Quotes have relevance in a historical context. They tell us about the topics and controversies prevalent at a certain point in time. They also represent a gift that says plenty in few words.

“Pinot noir is the glass coffee table of grapes. If you start putting your hands on it, you’re going to leave fingerprints.” (John Dragonette, owner Dragonette Cellars)

“You should drink organic wine, but drink it because it is good and not because it says it’s organic on the label. The entire wine industry would be more credible if consumers trusted their palates more and trusted marketing departments less.” (Miles Edlmann, The Journal of Fine Wine)

“New oak is like garlic or [chile] in cooking; if you use too much of it you will kill the flavor.” (Bo Barrett, winemaker at Chateau Montelena)

“I suppose it (minerality) is easier to describe what it is not, that is, it is not fruity, nor acidity, nor tannins, nor oak, nor richness, nor fleshiness. I think it (minerality) is just there, a sort of lifted and lively stoniness that brings a sense of grip and a sense of depth, but it is neither grippy (which is tannin) nor deep (which is fruit).” (Stephen Spurrier, UK wine writer, SOMM Journal)

“Wine has more and more flavor, but it tends to be the same flavor in all wines picked to the criteria of superripeness: intense black fruits going in the direction of jam. And even if this is interesting in itself when young, it clashes with food and is likely to have nothing but the grin of alcohol as it ages.” (Benjamin Lewin MW, The World of Fine Wine)

“I think many sommeliers today need to evolve to the level of chefs. We talk a lot about farm to table, low carbon footprints, etc., but what about vineyard to table? If we go to France, Italy, Spain, we rarely, if ever, see the wines of any country except the one we are in. In this country, it’s almost as if we are embarrassed by our own wines. We often see them treated as bastard children, New York restaurants being the biggest culprit.” (Emmanuel Kemiji MS, Wines & Spirits)

“Young wines are exciting; old ones can be moving.” (Hugh Johnson, Wine & Spirits)

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