August Travel News: Modobag

At first glance it looks a little silly … like vintage SkyMall. And it’s just a suitcase, right?  Except it comes with a lithium ion battery, geolocation functionality, a mobile app, a Kickstarter campaign, and it looks like it could have been designed by those guys at Dyson. Plus, it’s also scooter: pull up a steering column, straddle the bag, grab the handlebars and go. It’s small enough to be a carry-on, but you can zip from parking to terminal to gate at up to 8 miles per hour (which is pretty darn fast). You can roll it like a conventional wheeled suitcase, but you don’t want to actually carry it: Thanks to the battery, an empty Modobag weighs 20 lbs. This website ( will give you the rundown, and you can link from there to the Kickstarter campaign site.

The Kickstarter price is $999, which is a bargain. When it hits the market, Modobag will go for $1,899.

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