To be selected for the 2011 Physicians of Excellence honor, applicants were required to meet the following baseline criteria:

– Be certified by an American Board of Medical Specialties member

– Be in good standing with the Medical Board of California

– Maintain his/her primary practice in Orange County for the last five years

– Be in practice within his/her specialty field for the last five years

Applicant nominees also were required to meet at least two of the following four criteria. The Selection Committee determined whether the applicant met the criteria, and in some instances, discretion was used.

Physician leadership

– Recent (within the past three years) positions as an elected or appointed member of a medical organization, including but not limited to: chief of staff, member of the medical executive committee, department chair or vice chair, board of director position for Orange County Medical Association, the California Medical Association, the American Medical Association, the American Board of Medical Specialties, or other medical groups. Excludes full-time paid administrative positions.

– Recent (within the past three years) elected/appointed positions as a member of a peer review organization/journal, including but not limited to: Medical Board of California, hospital-based peer review committee, or a peer-reviewed journal.

– Current (within one year) significant community leadership positions such as PTA president or school board member.

Teaching/mentoring Current (within one year) medical school or university faculty appointments and/or involvement in teaching of other physicians, medical students and pre-med students, or other healthcare professionals.

Medical research/scientific advances Currently (within one year) active in peer-reviewed clinical research activities, have unique skills within field of nomination, including but not limited to performing a unique breakthrough surgical procedure or development of a unique and important treatment protocol.

Humanitarian service Current (within one year) activities while serving as a volunteer physician outside their regular practice, not receiving compensation, or philanthropic activities supporting medicine.

Other possible criteria: The Physicians of Excellence Selection Committee will consider unique or unusual or human-interest contributions or activities not included above.

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