Unique Finds from American Vintage House in Newport Beach

Tucked away in Newport Beach’s industrial district, American Vintage House lets customers peruse owner JoAnn Sarvak’s findings: everything from a collection of vintage motorcycle helmets and original 1960s theater posters to 13-foot-tall, century-old salvaged cathedral doors. “You might as well say it—I am a picker! I travel across the states and pick from the heart,” says Sarvak. Since opening, the space has evolved to be more than a retail shop. Thanks to inquiring shoppers, it has been featured as the backdrop to music videos, photo shoots, and events.

1. GLOBES // Collection of vintage globes from the 1950s to the 1970s. “The smallest one on top is a keeper that I brought back from Prague,” Sarvak says. $65 to $75

2. HELMET // “This white 1960s helmet is from my vintage helmet collection, which has become one of my favorite collections in the shop,” the owner says. $125

3. JEANS // Stack of vintage Levi’s jeans, $65 to $125 depending on age and patina

4. PROJECTOR // “I love curating a space without rules. Industrial, midcentury modern, and architectural pieces—they all can live in the same space,” Sarvak says. Vintage Keystone Belmont 16mm projector, $325

5. DESKS // “These elementary school desks are great as a bedside table, as well as a residential shelving system,” Sarvak says. “I love finding uses for items other than their original purpose.” $125

American Vintage House
877 16th St.
Newport Beach

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