This Newport Beach Living Room Features a Variety of Neutral, Organic Textures

Photograph by Emily J. Davis

Interior designer Ashley Clark wanted this living room to feel collected rather than created. “Texture, texture, texture,” she says. “There’s leather, wood, wicker, linen—and even though all of it is fairly neutral, the texture brings in an organic element that helps it not to feel overly designed or as if you went to one store to buy everything.” The charcoal juxtaposed with the white walls, photography, and wood adds yet another layer of contrast.

Throw Pillows
“We use colorful pillows since we keep the things that are harder to change out neutral shades,” Clark says. “We can easily swap out pillows if we want to change up the look.”

“It looks great, it adds texture, and it’s an inexpensive way to create something different.”

“The artist, JP Greenwood, is a local guy. I love using him because it’s usually local beaches that he (shoots).”

“The stone around the fireplace is a man-made material that looks like black marble—it looks so natural and organic.”

“This bench is vintage. Even the most beautiful custom-built homes need a little something—a little edge, a little story.”

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