Thinking Big—and Small: 7,000 sq. ft.

Trend: Square Footage

It’s not just the size of the home, but how the square-footage is used. More space can accommodate an expansive master suite, which may appeal to a couple or be used for additional bedrooms,which could attract multigenerational families, says Irvine-based real estate agent Michael Dunn. “It all depends on lifestyle.”

Home size and rooms that meet specific needs are the primary factors in 65% of buying decisions, according to a recent National Association of Home Builders study. So while some buyers may find everything they need in 1,000 square feet, others might require 15,000.

That’s the size of this “Gone With the Wind”-inspired residence on the Back Bay in Newport Beach. The 1990 three-story home has an elevator, a theater, a library, a rooftop deck, a formal dining room that seats 32, and a industrial size catering kitchen. Apartments, an office, workshop, gym, and garage occupy three additional buildings that total more that 7,000 square feet. The 3.6 acre Mesa Drive property has 18 bedrooms, at least 25 baths, a pool, and 30 garage spaces.

At $14.9 million, it pencils out to $677 per square foot — a little more than half that of the smallest property on this page. In general, proximity too the ocean trumps all.

Listed by Andrea “Duffy” Routh 714-448-8158

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