Sourced: Potting Shed’s Owner Crisscrosses Nation for Antiques

Photo credit: Emily J. Davis


You’ll find everything from houseplants to vintage signs and lighting fixtures to locally made jam at The Potting Shed—with the added touch of 1920s music playing throughout the store. How does Carlisle source his expansive display of antiques spanning out to the garden area? “Twice a year, we fly into a state, rent a 26-foot truck, and drive cross-country,” he says. “We’ve built up a nice little network of people we buy from. (We go to their) homes or barns with things they’ve collected for years.” This month, he travels to Boise, Idaho.

“The artist is from Yorba Linda. She painted the vintage frame with her own mix of chalk paint.” $139

Plant Stand
“That’s a vintage plant stand. Someone put the chain on it, but the handle on the left is Victorian.” $165

“A local artisan rescued this. (The black and silver) gives this piece an opportunity to keep it going from generation to generation.” $1,200

Teacup Pots
“The owner creates the designs, and (it’s) one of the few companies that designs a hole (in the bottom) and a saucer for such a small pot.” $8.75 to $13

Farmers Market Pot
“The farmhouse look is very in right now—we call it the Joanna Gaines effect.” $35

The Potting Shed
401 W. Chapman Ave.

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