Shop Ceramics and More at Rex Design’s Costa Mesa Storefront

Photograph by Emily J. Davis

Newport Beach resident Catherine Rex started Rex Design in 2016. Now her pieces are sold throughout the country and in local boutiques such as Daydream Surf Shop in Costa Mesa and restaurants including San Juan Capistrano’s Mayfield, which is also home to Rex’s mural. In September, Rex opened her first brick-and-mortar shop, which houses her studio as well as a small boutique in the front. Customers can either make an appointment to shop Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. or knock to shop if Rex is there. Check her Instagram page for upcoming Saturday pop-ups at her store.

“I’m always working to capture the movement of a dancer, so that’s what you’ll see through all my dancer series,” Rex says. $65

Legs sculpture
“As you can see in a lot of my work, I work with the female form. I blend being a woman and being in nature, so she represents Mother Earth.” $400

The playtime mugs are inspired by children, and each one is unique. $47 to $49

Marble Vases
“My marble series is inspired by California. Every colorway is from a different landscape or ocean scape from my life here.” $88 to $108

Striped Vases
“None of my lines are ever going to be perfect—I love a weird stripe or a little squiggly line.” $65

Photograph by Emily J. Davis

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