Say Goodbye to Home Sale Contingencies

Certainty is king when it comes to real estate. Sellers say “yes” easily when they get strong offers from buyers without contingencies. And buyers get the home they want easily when they make offers without strings attached.

One thing that gets in the way of certainty: a home sale contingency, an “out” that lets the buyer walk away from a contract with the seller if their own home doesn’t sell by a specified date. Home sale contingencies are generally used when a buyer needs the equity from the home they’re selling in order to qualify to buy another home.

The Flyhomes Trade Up program was invented to help homebuyers in that situation make stronger noncontingent offers without having to sell first. It’s a way to create certainty for buyers and sellers.

Here’s how: Flyhomes qualifies you for your new home with the knowledge that your home will sell. Then, the company buys your new home on your behalf for a price you agree on based on your budget and the company’s expertise.

The seller gets the kind of sure-thing offer they love and gets the deal done quickly. You get the new home you want! And you move in right away, avoiding living in a listed home that you need to keep clean and vacate when it’s time for showings.

Next, Flyhomes preps, lists, sells your home. When the sale is final, you officially buy your new home from Flyhomes for the same price you agreed to when Flyhomes bought it on your behalf.

Trade Up means certainty not only for the seller, but for you. You know your home will definitely sell. If the market doesn’t bring you a buyer, Flyhomes buys it for a price you agreed to at the beginning.

Trade Up is a smart new way to buy before you sell, and it’s only one of the ways Flyhomes is improving on the old ways of buying and selling homes. The company offers other unique programs as well as teams of experts, including Chinese-speaking teams, for every client.

See how Flyhomes can empower you.


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