Rooms We Love: Pops of Blue Work for This Aliso Viejo Family Room

Photograph by Ryan Garvin

Anita Ayer wanted a stylish, inviting room that was also durable for her three young kids. Using tile Ayer selected for the fireplace as inspiration to guide the design, interior designer Erica Bryen created an eclectic gathering place for the family. “I just love all the textures,” Ayer says. “On my own, I would never think to piece these things together; somehow (Erica) does it and it looks amazing.”

“I like the feeling of the house being open and airy. The shelving lends itself to that,” Ayer says.

“Wallpaper is nice because it brings in a texture and a depth that draws your eye and also softens the wall,” Bryen says.

“I wasn’t sure that I was going to like blue leather; but as soon as I saw it in person, I said ‘These are great,’ ” Ayer says.

“Sometimes I bring rugs in at the end because I like to really try them (first),” Bryen says.

“Lighting is like a piece of jewelry that you’re adding in at the end of an outfit,” Bryen says.

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