Popular Consignment Shop The Find Opens Second Location In Costa Mesa

Photograph by Emily J. Davis

After nearly a decade in Newport Beach, Kitty Canada has moved her consignment store to Newport Boulevard in Costa Mesa, just a few minutes from The Find’s Superior Avenue location. “When we were on Coast Highway, I really stressed the quaint, mom-and-daughter feel,” Canada says. “I wanted (our new location) to still be intimate.” Returning customers can expect to be greeted by name—and with tail wags from the staff’s dogs.

How did you first open The Find?When I turned 40, I decided to quit my job (in auto finance) and started working at The Cannery Exchange, a small consignment store in Newport Beach. I ended up staying more than five years. When I started to see Coast Highway develop, I put in an offer for the storefront. I opened the store on Superior Avenue about six years ago (since we didn’t have) enough room at the Coast Highway location.

Tell us about the two locations you have now.
We were going to close the Superior Avenue store and be under one roof, but our new location got so busy so fast, we didn’t know how we were going to fit it all. We decided to use the store on Superior as an outlet, which my sister runs. If something doesn’t sell here after 60 days, (the consigner) can pick it up or it goes to the store on Superior (for half price). There’s also a section with salvaged items there. Many of my clients are doing remodels, or they buy a house and they just don’t like the doors, windows, oven, or the chandelier. Instead of having that go to a dumpster, it goes there.

What perks do you offer customers?
We have what’s called a wish list. We may not have what they’re looking for here, so if I happen upon an auction and I see the right piece that someone is looking for … or if I get offered something from another client … I’ll bring it to the store and call them. I treat everyone like a decorator even though they might not be one. If you like something and you want to try it at your home, that’s called a 24-hour memo. They take it home and if it works, they (can buy it), and if it doesn’t work, they bring the item back the next day.

Consigned home decor and accessories from The Find. Photograph by Emily J. Davis

What drew you to consignment?
In junior high school, I always went to antique stores, consignment stores, estate sales, and auctions with my grandparents and my mom (who works at the store a few days a week). They sort of got it in my blood. I like to show people that you can take something (preowned) and make it hip.

How would you describe your style?
I like traditional furniture. You can always change the pillow on a couch, the lampshade on an antique lamp, the fabric on an antique chair. I think contemporary furniture is beautiful but very uncomfortable. I think a home should be comfortable; it shouldn’t be a museum. You want a place to sit back, relax, and enjoy.

1714 Newport Blvd., Costa Mesa, 949-650-3463

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