On the Market: Santa Ana Home is Inviting Gathering Place

Photo credit: David Heath of Western Exposure

➜ $8.35 million
➜ 9,237 square feet
➜ 4 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms
➜ The property is about 5 acres.
Of note: The house has a wine cellar that fits more than 1,000 bottles and includes a tasting room.
➜ 2122 Lower Lake Drive, Santa Ana
➜ Agent: Lena Ghezel, 714-914-3443

Photo credit: Christopher Fragapane Photography

Wisdom from A Gardening Expert
Molly Wood is the owner and landscape designer at Molly Wood Garden Design in Costa Mesa. She offers advice here on how to create floral designs and decorate for a Thanksgiving gathering.

Tips for a DIY arrangement …
When putting together a floral arrangement, I recommend selecting about three or four varieties of flowers with varying textures and colors. I would also add a bit of greenery—about 20 percent greens—to fill in around the flowers. Keep the bouquet low and tight for a more formal affair or allow it to become a little loose and wispy for casual gatherings.

Unexpected additions for a fall bouquet …
Some of my favorite items to use in a fall bouquet are acorns. I love any type of seed pod. I also recommend using anything with rust tones and would encourage adding a feather or two. The result can be so magical!

Decorating for Thanksgiving …
Keep it simple because you have enough to do. Save time by using clippings from your yard or a neighbor’s yard (with permission). I like to sprinkle fruits and nuts down the table for an abundant harvest feel. Last year, I did this using persimmons, lemons, and walnuts; it worked very well.

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