Midcentury Replica

California Craftsman:

Back in the day, large windows, a broad front porch, and oodles of handcrafted woodwork helped define a Craftsman style house. Clusters of early 20th century homes still can be found in Old Towne Orange and the Anaheim Colony. Newer ones have emulated the design with a nod to the exterior styling, but with roomier more contemporary spaces inside.

For those wanting an original, it’s all about history, community, and craftsmanship. “The nostalgia for these homes never goes away,” says Steffie Hands, a real estate agent who specializes in bungalows. “Whether my buyers are twenty-something or retirees, if they have their hearts set on a Craftsman,they aren’t likely to budge. Maybe 10 percent will settle for a different type of home, but most will wait it out.”

Updated in 2006, this two-story 1959 Dorothy Lane home in Newport Beach has four bedrooms, four baths, a kitchen with stainless-steel appliances and granite counter tops, and an office in 3,800 square feet. A saltwater pool, spa, an outdoor kitchen, and a garage that can accommodate two cars complete the property.

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