Cozying Up to Cottages: 2-on-1

Both 2-bedroom units on $2.2 million Laguna Beach property have coastal views

Before the Mediterranean craze and the fondness for modern architecture, Orange County’s coastal landscape was dotted with beach cottages, mostly small, modest, one-story dwellings.

Today, these homes seem downright snug. The average new home in America contains nearly 2,600 square feet, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, while a cottage in Orange County can have less than 1,000. And that, says local Redfin agent Keith Thomas, can be part of the attraction for buyers who want to downsize.

Just don’t let the small size fool you—the price tag is often anything but. Redfin agent Minni MacFarlane says that local beach cottages typically start around $2 million and make attractive vacation rentals that “can fetch about $5,000 a week.”

This $2.2 million Laguna Beach property on Chiquita Street, east of Coast Highway, has a pair of cottages and an additional 180-square-foot downstairs studio. The original 1940 home has two bedrooms and one bath in 740 square feet, along with a brick fireplace and an ocean-view patio. The second, built in 1985, has two bedrooms, two baths, and coastal views in 980 square feet. The property has a total of four garage spaces. Listed by Uma Perricone, 949-338-1989.

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