How to Avoid One Big Homebuying Problem

When you sell one home and buy another, the timing is usually awkward at best thanks to that gap between when you move out and when your new home purchase closes. People find themselves renting or staying with family for weeks or even months. They have to pack all their belongings and move twice.

It’s a frustrating situation even before you consider the expenses associated with moving twice, storing a home’s worth of furniture, and paying to live someplace temporary.

What if you could buy your new home and move in before selling?

That’s what the Flyhomes Trade Up program was designed for. The steps are simple: find your new home, Flyhomes buys it on your behalf, and you move in! Then Flyhomes preps your current home for sale (including cleaning, staging, and listing services) and finds the best buyer.

Now you’re living in your new home, but you’re not paying its mortgage yet. You’ll settle up on a monthly rate at closing when you officially buy the home from Flyhomes after your home sells. You get to focus on what you should get to focus on when you buy a new home: enjoying it!

If your current home doesn’t sell within a specified timeframe, Flyhomes will buy it. There’s no risk that it’ll sit on the market indefinitely. Once it’s sold, you’ll officially purchase the new home for the identical price that Flyhomes spent to buy it on your behalf. The price and terms are in your control from the start.

Not only does Trade Up avoid that awkward in-between phase when you’ve sold one home and can’t yet move into the new one, it makes selling less stressful because you’ve already moved out once the home is listed. No living in a home you have to keep pristine for showings. No making yourself busy elsewhere during open houses. No strangers in your home!

Another benefit of the Trade Up program is that it treats your equity in your current home as exactly that: equity. You’ll be pre-underwritten for a new mortgage loan with the sale factored in. You don’t have to wait to sell your home before counting its value toward your budget.

Trade Up puts the steps in the right order so buying one home and selling another makes more sense and causes fewer headaches.

Flyhomes is dedicated to decreasing the stress involved in buying and selling homes, and Trade Up is one way the five-year-old company has helped more than 2,100 people get homes they love.

Flyhomes Trade Up gives you more than traditional real estate, and it’s only one of the ways Flyhomes is improving on the old ways of buying and selling homes. The company offers other unique programs as well as teams of experts, including Chinese-speaking teams, for every client.

See how Flyhomes makes real estate less stressful.

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