Homebuying Without What-Ifs

When you fall in love with a home, the last thing you want to hear is that the seller chose someone else’s offer over yours. That kind of bad news is all too common in areas like Southern California, where the market is crowded with buyers.

One common thread runs through the success stories of happy homeowners: their offers provide certainty to the seller. Flyhomes helps homebuyers avoid the heartache of losing among competition with strategies designed to eliminate “what-ifs” like finance and sale

When the seller has no reason to doubt that your deal will go through, your offer stands out as one they can confidently accept. Clients using these strategies sometimes win over other offers even when they’re not offering the highest price … that’s the power of certainty.

Buying a home is personal and every situation is different. With a flexible toolkit, Flyhomes helps you find the strategy that’s right for you. So far, more than 2,100 homebuyers have won homes they love using these strategies.

One option is a Flyhomes Guaranteed Offer. This innovative strategy gives the seller a home offer backed by an on-paper promise to the seller that the deal will go through. If the buyer becomes unable to buy the home, Flyhomes will buy it for the same price and terms. The seller knows for sure that the sale will happen.

Another option is a Flyhomes Cash Offer. It’s no surprise that cash appeals to sellers thanks to the assurance of closing that comes with it. A cash buyer has already proven that they have the funds to seal the deal. But what if you’re a qualified buyer who doesn’t have cash?

With a Flyhomes Cash Offer, the company offers cash to buy the home on behalf of their buyer. Later, the buyer finalizes their mortgage loan and buys the home from Flyhomes for the same price. This way, the buyer is able to offer a sure thing.

Certainty is important early in the home buying process, too. Many buyers aren’t sure exactly how to determine their budget. Pre-underwriting is the most reliable way to land on a limit. More definitive than pre-qualification or pre-approval, pre-underwriting is a written commitment from a mortgage lender confirming the loan amount and program you’re qualified for. To get pre-underwritten, you supply your financial documents at the start of your home search rather than at the end.

Being able to count on the homebuying process running smoothly has clear value. Bonus: your journey is less stressful when you go through it with more confidence. That’s a win-win for sure.

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