See These Mid-Century Modern Eichler Homes Come to Life After Dark

Architecture buffs from around the country slowly cruise the streets in Orange to get a peek at the midcentury neighborhoods planned and built by Joseph Eichler in the 1960s. But looking in from the backyards and atriums provides the best views of their alluring glow.

Owners | Jim Cross and Dave Pearson
Shot From | Pool’s edge, Woodland Street
We Love | The period-correct furnishings from Design Within Reach

Owners | Mindy Benham and Don Whitlow
Shot From | Backyard, Oakwood Street
We Love | Vintage fireplace from The Retro Burn

Owners | Wade and Hanh Bannister
Shot From | Atrium, Woodland Street
Unexpected Detail | Contemporary in‑ground fireplace

Owners | Steve and Liz Flanagan
Shot From | Atrium, Woodland Street
Best Feature | Thoughtful kitchen expansion that complements original Eichler sensibilities

Owner | Rob Erwood
Shot From | Atrium, Oakwood Street
We Love | Views straight through to the pool upon entry

All photographs by Priscilla Iezzi

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