Watch These Two O.C. Realtors Compete For Multimillion-Dollar Properties on Bravo’s “Real Estate Wars”

Hoda Hajirnia & Jojo Romeo, on their reality TV experiences and the rivalry between their teams

Two local realty groups compete for multimillion-dollar properties on Bravo’s new reality show, “Real Estate Wars,” premiering next month. We spoke to a representative from each team about the experience.

Hoda Hajirnia- Photograph by Damir Karamujic

Hoda Hajirnia | McMonigle Team
The Cal State Fullerton alum is a powerful rookie in the real estate business.

What was your background before you got into real estate?
I got my degree in communications and broadcast journalism. I worked for ABC Eyewitness News.
After a few years working from midnight to 8 a.m., I realized I didn’t want to continue. My father was an investor in properties and my uncles worked in real estate, so I decided to try it and I loved it.

Is the rivalry between the two teams on the show real?
There is history there. John (McMonigle) had mentioned JoJo to me before, only I didn’t know who she was. He was just telling me crazy stories about one of his former employees, but I didn’t realize it was her until the show.

Are you worried about how you might come across on TV?
I’m not, because the people who know me know what I would or wouldn’t say. You hear things about editing on other shows, but at the end of the day, how much could anybody really twist your words?
I hope people will see the real me.

Did the show delve into your personal life?
I was emotional a few times during filming. I don’t want to go into it now but you’ll see it on the show. It was a period in my life of about eight years where I was walking down a dark path, but I’ve moved on from that and I’m in a good place now.

Jojo Romeo- Photograph by Priscilla Iezzi

JoJo Romeo | Relegance Group
The single mom and “real estate queen” of Orange County is out to prove she can do it all.

What was your reaction to being approached by Bravo?
I don’t watch TV, except sports, and I thought it would be like “Housewives” and I was like, oh no!
So I initially declined because I’m not into drama. But then I heard more about it and found out it was more business‑oriented.

Why do you think they decided to focus on Orange County?
It’s definitely one of the most exciting real estate markets in the world. I think the show will capture how competitive and dynamic the O.C. scene is.

You used to be part of the McMonigle Team. What’s the story there?
I worked with John McMonigle for a year and half, and then I left. He says he fired me, I know. But I was his golden child, his top producer. And a situation came up where his integrity was in question.
I think our philosophies are different; I’m driven by helping people, and money is a byproduct.

How do you think you’ll come across on the show?
I’m 100 percent real and I don’t pull any punches. I can probably be a little more diplomatic. But there’s no way they can make me into a villain because I’m not. I hope the show illustrates the balance that I’ve achieved between work, family, and my spirituality. I have five kids and they are my greatest accomplishments. I want to be an inspiration to other single moms.



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