503 Found: Inside This Home Shop

Ginny McDonald vintage fabric pillows, $200 and up

When Kim Rodosky designs a room, she loves to incorporate items created by talented local artisans. So in late May, when she opened her design store, 503 Found, in Newport Beach’s Cannery Village, she knew how she’d stock it. “It’s kind of a collaborative,” says Rodosky, who co-owns the shop with Kim Johnson. Here are her thoughts, and some of her favorite local pieces.

“I just jumped into this store feet-first. I did it with confidence, with Kim. We’ve known each other a long time and raised our kids together.

I’m always attracted to anything unique and creative. I think it’s harder and harder to find real creativity because it can so easily be copied these days. I look for people who come up with their own ideas.
The woman who does our pillows—we give her creative license and just let her go. I think the most unique was the blanket-trimmed pillow she made. She took off the edges of blankets and ran them through the middle of the pillow. It’s just beautiful work.

I look for that ‘something special.’ When people have a passion, you can see it in the product. I look for different price points. I have fur blankets that are so cozy and luxurious-looking, but they’re washable. As a mother of six, I’m also practical.”

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