Style Talk With: Remington Fraser of The Revury

The founder shares how she started her O.C.-based online consignment store.
Photograph by Emily J. Davis

Remington Fraser started San Clemente’s The Revury with sustainability in mind, giving items a chance at new life. Brands include Gucci, Chanel, and more, all at affordable prices. The company’s offices feature ocean views and a retail section where customers can shop by appointment and consigners can get quotes.

How did you start The Revury?

I felt like there was a lot of waste (in the fashion industry), and I could see consumer preferences shifting. At that point, The Real Real (a luxury online consignment store) was coming up, and I took notice of it. This is a huge space and it’s untapped, and I think it’s the way of the future because it checks so many boxes. It’s sustainable and it extends the product life cycle, which is important because that prevents the product from ending up in the landfill. It reduces the demand on new supply and production, and it also makes products more affordable. I left my job as an attorney in 2019, and it took me about a year and a half to build out the business. (When the pandemic hit), we luckily were built to be online, and we have a way for consigners to download pre-paid shipping labels. Everyone got stuck at home staring at their closets, and we doubled our inventory in the first four months. We had so much product coming in that I needed people here to help me. 

Remington Fraser gives luxury items a new home through her online consignment store, The Revury. Photograph by Emily J. Davis

How does The Revury work?

We have more than 500 consigners in 10 states, and we haven’t done any paid marketing. I spend most of my day out on the road meeting with consigners. Some people put their products in a bag on their doorstep; some people want you to come into their closets and ask questions; some people want to mail their products into us, which is free. Our goal is making consigning as frictionless as possible. We also have personal consigner reps who can help you. The product must be by a brand on our designer list, and it must be in good condition. We authenticate in-house, and if we can’t (be) certain, then we outsource it to a third party. It takes us about two weeks to get products online from the date of receipt. Consigners can log in and view all their products, sales, and live updates. 

What makes The Revury different?

We are the only resale platform that photographs all the products on live models. I think it improves the customer experience. I also pay 100 percent of my staff’s medical. There are ways to change your budget to make sure your team is taken care of. I’m the lowest-paid person in my company. It’s because I want to make sure that I can have my team covered. If you’re leading a company, you should lead by example. 

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