Style Talk With: Funday Collective

This couple created an apparel brand to showcase their art in 2020.
Photographs by Emily J. Davis

Matt Vargas and Katty Torres create a variety of products including shirts, sweatshirts, women’s joggers, and more for their brand, Funday Collective. Customers can shop the products in person by visiting their pop-up in the Santora Building once a month during the Downtown Santa Ana Artwalk.

How did you start Funday Collective?

Vargas: I met Katty in high school, and we’d get together and make art, paint, and sew. I never thought I could make a living from it or that other people would be interested. Katty really pushed me to share my art and what we do. In March 2020, I was going to finally launch my brand. I got invited to a shared studio space at the Santora Building in Santa Ana, and I jumped on it. I grew up in Santa Ana, so it made sense to have a space there.

Torres: I work mostly with the sewing because we have our own tags on our apparel and tote bags. I’ve always been a really crafty, hands-on kind of person. I also run the social media. 

How did you come up with the name?

Vargas: Sunday Funday was this thing where Katty and I would take our son to museums, parks, and anything that had a cool, artsy vibe to it and that’s how we would spend our Sunday. We wanted to build a brand that represents the fun vibes that we try to capture in our designs. 

Torres: We dropped the Sunday because we felt that every day should be a fun day.

Do you offer creative services?

Vargas: Yes. City of Hope Orange County reached out to us during the pandemic and invited us to letter some inspirational words at their vaccination sites at Disneyland and the Anaheim Convention Center. We sent them a few sketches and they really liked them. The morning they opened the vaccination site, we were still doing the chalking, and everyone was so excited and saying, “Thanks for doing this” and that they appreciate seeing the art. It was really fulfilling. 

Where do you find design inspiration?

Vargas: From our experiences, music, movies—sometimes our son helps with ideas. We’ll be sitting at the dinner table, and he’ll start sketching or saying taglines. 

What’s the artist edition collection?

Vargas: Each shirt or product we create in our studio is more of an artist edition. There are little nuances. For example, with screen printing, the screen would get clogged up and there’s a little imprint and each one is different. We also will screen print our tags and Katty will sew them on, so there’s more production involved—each piece becomes an art piece.

What’s next?

Torres: In November, Funday Collective will have a small storefront in a curated marketplace inside Collective2one9 in downtown Santa Ana off 4th Street.