Sean Woolsey Studio in Costa Mesa Offers Handcrafted Game Tables

Sean Woolsey creates pingpong, pool, and shuffleboard tables—perfect for Father’s Day.


Photograph by Lonnie Webb

How it started …
About seven years ago, I made a pingpong table just to have and really didn’t have an idea of making them because I didn’t think there would be a market. But then we sold the first one in about a week. Now we ship them around the world. We got a lot of requests to go into other games, and shuffleboard was the No. 1 thing people wanted. Pool tables are trickier to build because the angles have to be extremely correct.

The style …
I’d say it’s midcentury modern revisited. Our newer one is the SRW with the curved rails. It has softer lines and the legs are rounded. I’m working on a new pool table and shuffleboard table as well.

Why they’re popular …
We use the highest-quality materials, and all of our pieces are made in California—everything is made within a 50-mile radius of our shop. I think people see the design and gravitate toward it because most gaming tables are pretty bland and boring. So we don’t have a ton of competition, which is nice. They’re really big and hard to make, but they’re also fun.

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