Rooms We Love: A Huntington Beach At-Home Bar With Black Accents

Newport Beach-based interior designer creates an at-home bar with black accents.
Photograph by Tim Hirschmann

When interior designer Laura Brophy entered a mostly empty room in this Huntington Beach home, she and the owners came up with a plan to create space for entertaining guests. This room became a modern, beach-style bar that highlights pieces from the couple’s travels around the globe, including the skull that takes center stage. “We didn’t want to go all brand-new, on-trend pieces,” Brophy says. “We wanted to create more of a unique vibe that really reflected the family.”

Lamp // “The husband is a retired firefighter. We took his vintage fire extinguisher and turned it into a lamp,” Brophy says.

Cabinets // “The color makes it more moody; it’s timeless.”

Windows // “We changed out all the windows in the home. It makes such a difference.”

Backsplash // “(The wood) really finishes off the space and makes it look more designed.”

Light Fixtures // “These add another element to the space that’s interesting and tells a story.”

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