Less Is More with Aisha Ross

Photographs by Emily J. Davis

Irvine native Aisha Ross started selling vintage clothes on Instagram when the company she was working for closed in 2020. Customers can shop her brand Less Is More online, at local pop-ups, and on Instagram, where Ross will post various vintage clothing and accessories for followers to quickly claim and purchase. This year, she launched a gender-neutral brand called The Garden, which carries both vintage and Ross’ designs that make great gifts for Father’s Day.

What do you look for when selecting pieces for Less Is More?

I gravitate toward neutrals because I think it’s easier to style with your wardrobe as well as pieces that you can wear every day. I like natural fabrics such as cottons and linens because they’re better quality, better for the environment, and feel and look better on your body. I like a lot of flowy, oversized pieces as well as button-downs because you can style them so many ways. They’re really versatile, in my opinion; you can make it casual and wear it as a beach coverup or dress it up when you’re going out.

How do you come up with new ways to style items?

I’ve been into fashion since I was a little girl, and styling has come naturally to me. I try to think outside of the box and how I can get the most out of one piece, because then you’ll wear it more and it’ll stay in your closet longer. What I’ve learned for myself is to look for things I feel comfortable in; I know if I’m not confident or don’t feel good in something, I won’t feel good during the day and I’m not going to want to wear it. It’ll just sit in my closet.

Why did you start Less Is More’s namesake line?

It’s been my dream to have my own fashion line and collection. All the fabrics are natural including hemp, cotton, and linen. There are sweatpants, crewneck sweatshirts, socks, and tote bags. (The sweats are) 100 percent cotton, and it’s a really heavy cotton so it feels nice on. I’m working on designing a (larger) line, which I’m hoping to have out next year. I want it to be the type of go-to pieces you wear over and over again.

Where do you typically host pop-ups?

WIP Goods, Purre Boutique, and Neat Coffee. It’s interesting because I’m in L.A. now, but most of my pop-ups are in Orange County, specifically Costa Mesa. I think there’s just such a great community there.

Tell us about The Garden.

My boyfriend is a great gardener; we have a garden in our backyard. My guy friends had been asking for vintage pieces, so the line is gender-neutral and has more earthy tones—colors you’d find in a garden. I have continuous vintage drops on Instagram, and then in May, I released Garden boxes. It’s a set box that comes with a bunch of things: The Garden hat, olive oil, coffee beans, garden seed packets, and more.

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