Hot Shop: Mama Bijoux’s Fine Jewelry Includes Mother-Daughter Sets

Pieces from this Costa Mesa boutique make perfect gifts.
Photo by Emily J. Davis.

Mama Bijoux is owned by third-generation jeweler Katie Miller and celebrates two years this month. Calming blush tones, an inviting bouclé couch, and glass display cases draw customers into the storefront near Greenleaf Kitchen. “Especially as a mom, you can walk in and be like, ‘I can relax, I can have a glass of Champagne, I can try on this beautiful jewelry,’” Miller says.

Four days after her second daughter was born, Miller’s brother died. “I had this year of being home with two (children) … and going through this tragedy,” she says. “I realized in that time that I really needed something for myself. I designed a heart bracelet that I could wear and match my girls.” In November 2019, Miller started Mama Bijoux with her matching mother-daughter sets. Her brand has since expanded to include tennis necklaces, platinum engagement rings, and 14- and 18-karat gold pieces that can be worn daily and passed down to family. Customers can also bring in jewelry they no longer wear, which Miller can transform into a custom piece. Last month, Miller released a perfume in collaboration with Elia Parfum, available in store.

For Mother’s Day, shop the birthstone bracelet and pieces Miller designed with her mother and daughters. Customers can also attend a mother-daughter piercing event this month, which will be announced on Mama Bijoux’s Instagram.

234 E. 17th St.

Costa Mesa