How to Save Thousands Buying a Home Online in LA

Are you interested in purchasing your dream home in Los Angeles but aren’t certain where to start? Finding the right fit for your housing needs is not always easy when you work full-time, manage schedules for your entire family, or handle your weekly errands. The act of searching, scheduling, and attending property tours can leave buyers feeling worn out.

Luckily, homeowners looking to trade up in Los Angeles can use Prevu: the digital home buying platform that helps buyers save money when they buy a home in LA. The platform enables buyers to search listings 24/7, set up property tours at the click of a button, begin offers online, and then save thousands of dollars with the company’s industry-leading commission rebate.

“Purchasing a home in major metropolitan areas like Los Angeles has gotten harder for the current generation of home buyers,” says Thomas Kutzman, co-founder of Prevu. “Given how competitive the real estate market is right now, buyers interested in Los Angeles are making the most of every dollar when closing on a home, and our rebate unlocks significant savings on their purchases.”

Save thousands with a commission rebate in Los Angeles

Commission rebates reduce the cost of closing a deal on a home in Los Angeles. The savings can help homebuyers furnish their newly-purchased Hollywood Hills home. Forty states currently allow commission rebates, enabling brokerages to refund a percentage of their commission back to buyers that use their services.

Traditionally, when a buyer purchases a new home in Los Angeles, the listing and buying agent receive a commission of 6% of the purchase price, and the funds are evenly split between the two brokerages.

Prevu flipped this script, offering a financial benefit to homebuyers that purchase with them by giving a large portion of their buyer’s agent commission – up to 2% of the purchase price – directly back to customers via a buyer commission rebate.

For example, if you purchase a $1,750,000 home in Santa Monica offering a 3% buyer’s agent commission with Prevu, you would receive two-thirds of the commission, or $35,000 cash back.

Buying online streamlines home purchases

People can shop for almost anything online today, and that extends to purchasing a home. Prevu has modernized the homebuying experience by seamlessly digitizing all of the tools and resources a buyer needs into one platform.

Buyers seeking homes in their favorite neighborhoods of Los Angeles can now search listings, receive customized property alerts, and tag their favorite properties. Plus, buyers can quickly schedule tours online, upload any necessary documents securely to a personalized portal, and even collaborate with their agent on offers on their dream home directly from the Prevu platform.

“Today, the majority of homebuyers grew up with the latest technology and want to replicate that experience in their adult lives. Being able to buy your home online and save thousands on your purchase is precisely what homebuyers in California want from a modern brokerage,” says Roger Zelaya, Prevu’s Director of Real Estate Services in Los Angeles. “Buyers love the idea of  getting a commission rebate as it can offset the high closing costs that come with purchasing a home.”

Buyers want to control their home search without sacrificing the need for expert advice. Prevu’s Smart Buyer platform gives Los Angeles homebuyers the digital tools they are used to from making online transactions in other parts of their daily lives. But buyers using Prevu do not just get a streamlined buying experience, the firm provides expert agent advice throughout the entire home purchase.

Interested in seeing how large your rebate will be when purchasing your dream home in Los Angeles? Browse listings in your favorite neighborhood and see your potential savings with Prevu’s commission rebate.

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