What I Ate At The OC Fair

Our midwestern intern’s foray into Orange County fair food.

Lasagna nachos

Living in Indiana and Illinois, I have always gone to my local county and state fairs. Each year brings new opportunities in terms of animals to see, activities to partake in, and food to eat. Working in Orange County for the summer, I was excited to visit the OC Fair and feel a connection to home. Each year the fair introduces several new food options. This year’s lot included spaghetti donuts, deep-fried filet mignon, caramel crack fries, and lasagna nachos—as well as all the classics. With limited space in my stomach, these were my top three picks.


1 While I always find it overwhelming to choose what fair food I want to try, it became easy the second I saw the large red sign that displayed the words Lasagna Nachos. As an avid lover of both nachos and any type of Italian food, I could not have found a better combination. The chips are topped with both ricotta and mozzarella cheese, classic tomato sauce, and a healthy amount of parsley. If you’re in search of this perfect mix of Mexican and Italian, look out for the sign that proudly presents the words “Spaghetti & Meatballs” along with “Meatball & Sausage Sandwiches.”

2 It’s always been a tradition of mine to get one classic food at any fair I go to; this year funnel cake was on my list. Like any famous fair food, it’s fried, and you have to eat it fast for it to be any good. I decided to go for the original fried dough flavor with powdered sugar on top. The quintessential desert can be found at several spots throughout the grounds.

3 As I was covering my face with powdered sugar while chowing down on my deep fried piece of dough, my friend had her eyes set on a booth that claimed to offer “Chocolate Churro Ice Cream.” The ice cream was extra cold, perfect for the weather that night. We both agreed we could taste the chunks of churro in the ice cream, which had a rich chocolate flavor with hints of cinnamon. This sugary treat is located kitty-corner from the Lasagna Nachos stand, with a large sign reading “Gourmet Churros” and “Fresh-made Gelato.”

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