Webcams: Live from O.C.

Webcams cover the county, from freeway to toll road, from theme park to Fun Zone, from the street to the sand.

We can plot our commute, size up the crowds, and decide whether to fetch the wetsuit off the patio. Check these Web screen grabs for what’s happening in Orange County and how you can sign on, too.

  1. It’s a Tall World
    Anaheim’s Howard Johnson hotel trimmed its trees for a better view of the Disney mountain range,

  2. Tail the Whales
    See the blues, the grays, and more – without seasickness – courtesy of Dana Point’s Captain Dave Anderson,

  3. Way to Go

    If Caltrans’ 20 streaming traffic videos aren’t enough, offers views from hundreds of roadside cams.,

  4. Surf’s Up?
    Check out Huntington Beach Pier. Then hotfoot it with your board to the shore—or just have a cuppa on the bluffs and wait till tomorrow.

  5. Browse Balboa
    Scope the action at the Fun Zone, see if the last Duffy has been rented, or check out the queue for the ferry.

  6. Construction Zone
    Watch the $64 million Musco Center for the Arts rise at Chapman University. Expected opening: 2015.

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