Wait, It’s Ladies’ Night?

Local ladies’ nights, plenty of cities have them, but do females actually turn out on a Friday night to attend?

Ladies’ nights are hidden gems. I caught wind that Center Street Promenade in the newly hip downtown Anaheim area was hosting one last Friday night. The Facebook page promised fun, drink specials (woo!), discounts, DIY crafts, henna (sure, why not?), prizes, and more … so I decided to give it a shot. I grabbed one of my most favorite ladies (Mom), and we headed down to check it out at 6 p.m.

For gals to reap the benefits of the evening, a “passport” is required. This tells you which businesses on the block are participating in the event. A stamp on the passport signifies that you visited that venue and a completed passport is your entry into a raffle to win goodies. Goodies?! I instantly become determined to fill my passport—it’s become a stamp race!

Although I’m unable to hit every spot (OK, I got sidetracked shopping), I have a great time walking the promenade and perusing the places I probably would’ve breezed had it not been for the passport. Participating leaves me feeling a sense of community, a full belly from some serious sampling at newly discovered eateries, a little silly from free wine tasters, henna’d up courtesy of the Yoga Mat, and looking good in a new hat, which I bought at a freshly found boutique, Home Eco:Nomics.

So, no, ladies’ night isn’t code for “lamsies’ night.” It’s actually a fun way to spice up a Friday night. My hat’s off to the gals who attend. So be sure to grab your favorite group of girls and make it a point to get to next months outing that promises a least a little bit of luck for all of the lassies who attend.

5 Reasons to Try Out a Local Ladies’ Night:

Raffles: If you visited all of the participating places on the passport and turn it back in at the end of the night (before 8 p.m.), you’re entered in a drawing for lots of prizes.

Discounts! Most of the boutiques I visited cut prices for all Friday night female shoppers. My fabulous hat was 10% off!

Free Samples: Snack-sized samplers could be found at most of the participating restaurants. My favorite was 118 Degrees.

It’s different: It allowed me to explore the events my Orange County community has to offer.

Femininity: Cheesy, but yes, I said it. You’ll be embracing all of your fabulous femaleness and reaping some of the many benefits of it at discounted prices. Ring me up!

Check city websites to see if a ‘Ladies’ Night” event is scheduled near you, or in the meantime, check out Anaheim’s outing.

For more: facebook.com/CenterStreetAnaheim

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