It’s Time to Dip into Diptyque

Can a girl have enough Diptyque? Not this one. I’ve been wickedly fond of this 54-year-old French company since the ‘90s, when I fell in love with its ivory candles in clear glass holders with classic black-and-white labels. Some designers I know love these iconic containers so much that when the candle burns down, they use them as holders for pens or makeup brushes.

This season, the company launched its collection 34 items, its annual roll-out of pretty new containers, candle fragrances, and several new perfumes. Eau Mage, an androgynous scent of amber, mandarin, rose, spices, and musk, and another called Benjoin Boheme, with sandalwood and patchouli, are my favorites.

05_DIPTYQUE_BOOKINTERACTIF-3But the truth is, I’d rather have a candle—collection 34’s new La Prouveresse scent of woody cypress and fig trees that’s holiday-perfect in the same way that cedar and pine speak to this time of year. This candle comes in a marbled cream and black ceramic holder that, like the company’s original candles, is a gift in itself. If I’m lucky enough to find it under the tree this year, the container will be given a second life as a holder for a bunch of freshly sharpened pencils, which, if you think about it, can have its own woodsy scent.


Diptyque Boutique
South Coast Plaza


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