The Last-Minute Modeling Job

From editorial intern to … cover boy?

When Orange Coast asked me to model at the last minute for the this month’s cover story, “Eat. Play. Live. Hot O.C. Neighborhoods That Have It All,” I accepted immediately. I’d be helping out my co-workers, enjoying myself—what more could someone want? (Well, it also meant I could compete with a friend who’d recently appeared on a magazine cover.)

It was fun messing around with poses and outfits, which included a fedora that I never would have approached otherwise. But, I rationalized, I’m only assuming a temporary personality, so why not go all out? This included being ridiculous with fellow model and intern Amanda DeFrancis.

Although we could mock anything nearby to get a smile when the camera needed one, we laughed most at being last-minute models. And the dog—staffer Annie Sterling’s new puppy—in the shot also provided humor because he would not keep still around the food.

The warm weather had us both perspiring in our heavy outfits—even the cheese props laid out on our table were sweating. But I still think we came off looking like a good couple.

Editor’s note: Turns out, we have a short-but-illustrious history of providing our interns fodder for unique resume mention: cover modeling. Click here to read former intern Jake Weber’s account of his time on the cover.

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