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New Island Sole store opens at Fashion Island
A selection of Uggs

Hawaiian sandal stalwart Island Sole is opening its first mainland store at Fashion Island. “Shoppers will find their ‘sole mates’ here,” says Wayne Heck, the entrepreneur-owner. While the store stocks all sorts of sandal brands from internationally popular Havianas to local Rainbows to charitable Freewaters—a newer line that uses a portion of each purchase to help provide clean drinking water to those in need—it features an intriguing distinction: It will carry the widest array of Ugg footwear outside of the brand’s stores.

When Uggs first came to the United States, the first stop was Southern California, with surfers adopting the now-ubiquitous sheepskin boots to keep their feet warm and dry after surfing. The brand spread and styles grew to include sandals, wedges, and more.

Island Sole opens in late June with a grand opening party in September.

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