Portola On-the-Go

With the impending opening of Union Market at The District at Tustin Legacy this month, we took a moment to get acquainted with a few of its vendors. We love the sound of Spice & Tulips, offering flowers, spices, and salts. There’s also the cool refreshment of Front Porch Pops to look forward to.

But our personal fave is the O.C. gem known as Portola Coffee Lab. Crafted with precision (plus a little flair), their lattes are made via a number of scientific methods, using high-quality beans roasted in-house. While we appreciate the art that goes into our morning cuppa Joe, we often wish it didn’t include all the surrounding bustle. Cue Christa and Jeff Duggan’s newest amenity: the walk-up—for busybodies who’d rather not be distracted by Union Market’s eye-catching interior. We can now make a beeline to Portola’s exterior order window and enjoy our liquid nourishment al fresco.

It’s not yet ready to go, but once it’s up and running, expect the same dedicated lines until they get all the beginner kinks out.

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