Person of Interest: High Flier

Nick Selvy

In his spare time, the 30-year-old Newport Beach athlete snowboards, walks tightropes, juggles fire, and practices Brazilian capoeira and Kempo Karate. But his one true passion? “Flying through the breeze on a trapeze.” Selvy first tried the high-adrenaline art form as a 10-year-old on a Club Med family vacation in Mexico. “It was the most amazing thing I’d ever seen,” he says. “I went home and started training immediately.” Selvy now owns the SwingIt Trapeze training center at the OC Fair & Event Center, where he passes on his know-how to others.

 Is it hard to learn?
Trapeze is just dancing in the air and not as scary as it looks. Our motto is: “Fun, fun, fun!” And I’m not going to yell at you because your toes aren’t pointed. 

Why get your own rig?
I’ve taught at various organizations over the years. I even worked back at that same Club Med in Mexico. When Mom passed away, she left me some money, so I decided to start my own place. Trapeze is addictive.

Do you also perform?
We always try to have staff fly when the food trucks are out here on Wednesdays. Last summer during the fair, we did 126 shows in a month, which was a lot.

Martial arts, juggling … anything else you do?
I surf every morning. I also do off-road unicycling. I used to have this 6-footer that got stolen. Who steals a unicycle? 

Ever joined the circus? 
I could if I wanted to, but I [wouldn’t want to do] hundreds of performances a month. The real joy is in teaching. I like the idea of sharing the art.

Try it!
SwingIt Trapeze offers a two-hour beginner class for $60. 877-979-4644,

Photograph by Priscilla Iezzi

This article originally appeared in the March 2014 issue.

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